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Jan 10, 2010 8:00am EST
in the "washington post," pennetta says this is a reminder we are at war. >>> and budget cuts on a scale. it's a different story when you put faces to those affected. >> we go to maryland where state budget cuts are hitting the most vulnerable. >> reporter: 4-year-old carson brewster has trouble caring for herself. >> she can't care for herself. she gets fed through a tube. she has over 22 doctors. >> reporter: with $13,000 in out of pocket medical expenses last year alone, supplemental funds from the state of maryland has been essential to her family's survival for years. faced with a $700 million shortfall, maryland cut $30 million from the state's developmental disabilities administration. for the brewsters, that means painful decisions. the extra help for things like diapers and medication and physical therapy dropped from $2,500 to just $300. >> reporter: what does that mean for you? >> a struggle. a struggle to figure out how we are going to -- how to help our daughter and make sure that we have the monies to make sure our other children get help, too. me and my husband can wait, and o
Jan 24, 2010 8:00am EST
in washington, and probably saw nothing quite like with a we saw last week. given that political environment now, now the president, a huge speech coming up on wednesday, state of the union. a lot of people waiting to see if he will pivot on the health care. what does the president have on his plate? what is he up against? >> the white house promises a feisty speech. the reasons he was elected, people were upset about the economy and don't think washington waurkz, and they cannot get anything big done. that's what helped candidate obama, and now it hurts president obama because he is one of them, one of the guys in power now. they say he gets it, and he will say to the american people, please be patient and give me more time, but i hear your message to make washington work. and this president talked often about having a busy plate, a crowded plate of initiatives. look for the president to scale it back in terms of the communication with the american people. he will talk about finding a way to finish health care, and then it will be about jobs, jobs, jobs. he understands the driving force in poli
Jan 31, 2010 8:00am EST
. parts of washington state and even in oregon. there are showers, but when you go up in the higher elevations, you will the snow pileup in earnests. parts of the northern and central rockies could see one to two feet of snow. that could limit visibility. but in the valleys, too, visibility dropping to a quarter of a mile at times. this nice and sunny for you in new york city. for western new york, back in syracuse, you could see snowfall there. southern california, mostly sunny with high temperatures. going to 64 degrees in l.a., and 44 in denver, and 68 in tampa. 38 in new york and 32 in boston. that's a look at your forecast. a lot more coming up on cnn sunday morning. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. host: could swit
Jan 3, 2010 8:00am EST
in washington, is he more and more frustrated. >> typical washington fight. >> reporter: his first reflex is to blame republican, but rose knows democrats not only have the white house but big majorities in the house and senate. he says democrats fighting mopping themselves over how to pay for reforms should spend some time in his shoes. >> they really need to get their heads together and get their act straight. with those majorities in place, things should be happening. if they don't get it done, there's got to be a lot of people hurting because of it. >> reporter: john king, cnn, fort woft. wor worth, texas. >>> and state of the union stops at the top of the hour. >> today's guests will talk about the lets from yemen, the christmas day terror plot, and lessons learned from 9/11. again, that's state of the union right after cnn sunday morning. >>> so when rick warren asked the faithful to help his church through a crisis, the response was overwhelming. you'll definitely want to stick around for the details on this one. >> it was mega, right? and calling it a reverse collection plate. we'
Jan 17, 2010 8:00am EST
to be talked about in washington now. what are we going to do about the most vulnerable population? it will be hard to put tent cities up for every family, particularly fo people ill and injured and the babies, and like the ones that we saw with the orphans. the way to cut the death rate is to try and get as many people out that you can, to neighboring countries and in the united states. we need to treat them like victims, and not like -- survivors, and not like criminals. >> you have been right on point so many days, so i would be be surprised if we start seeing evacuations like you are talking about. >> and donate money. >> yes. thank you. >>> the haitian people are keeping their faith. take a listen. ♪ take some time. that's why cialis gives men with erectile dysfunction options: 36-hour cialis or cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take ci
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5